Social Media Training

What is social media training?

Not everyone is a whiz at all aspects of social media. You might have someone on your team who can tweet all day, but who just doesn’t quite get Google+.

That’s where training comes in. Education is an important part of effectively maximizing your social media presence, as the digital world changes so quickly it’s hard to stay up-to-date.

Whether you’re looking for a quick how-to session for all of the basic social networks, some in-depth training on the advanced features of Twitter or a handout you can pass around the office outlining the dos and don’ts of social media, training can take your team from average to outstanding.

Who needs it?

If you have someone on your team who is in charge of your social media management and strategy, but they need a little extra push when it comes to some of the particulars, enrolling them in a training session can help.

Training can be useful for anyone looking to get a crash course in how-to-do-everything-Twitter, catch 5 new employees up on the current state of social media, or to get an overview of the free and paid analytics tools out there.

If there’s a lesson to be learned, social media training can help.

What you get

I tailor each of my social media training sessions to my clients, to ensure that you get the information you need.

I can put together an informal lunchtime presentation on the benefits of Pinterest to pique the interest of your employees, or sit down with a handful of them and teach them how to set up a Facebook ad campaign in a hands-on session.

My social media training is oriented towards doing – that is, they’ll equip you and your team with the tools and techniques they need to start tweeting and pinning right after I finish up.

I offer both in-house and virtual training sessions: I can either come to your business, or help train your employees using a virtual education platform.

If you’re looking for some hands-on social media training, contact me and we’ll figure out what you need to know and how to get you there.