Welcome to the Like economy

Facebook is the big name in social media. It’s the first thing most people think of when they hear the word “social” these days, and it’s often the last thing teens check on their smartphones before bed.

Here are some stats about the big social network on the block:

  • There are about a billion people on Facebook – that’s one seventh of the entire world population. And this number is growing every day.
  • Facebook consistently receives about 8-10 percent of all U.S. internet visits every month. And it has been the number one ranked website in the U.S. since March 9th 2010 (and the most searched-for term every year since July 18 2009).
  • Facebook users account for about 53 percent of the Canadian population, and 69 percent of the online Canadian population.
  • 25 percent of Canadian Facebook users are between the age of 25 – 34, 24 percent are between 18 – 24 and 17 percent are between 35 – 44.

Facebook and your business

Most businesses benefit from adding and optimizing a Facebook Page to their online marketing toolbox. Small and medium sized businesses find particular success on Facebook, because it is a relatively low-cost, low-risk and low-resource marketing platform.

Think about this: a Facebook Page costs you nothing but your (or my!) time to set up and maintain. And Facebook ads are an equally affordable way to reach your target audience online, as the average cost-per-click is just $0.63 in Canada.

Facebook’s inherent sharing model makes it a perfect place for you to see your brand message go viral and transform Likes into paying customers.

And with over half of the Canadian population on Facebook, your customers have already probably tried to find you – so if you’re not on Facebook, or not active, you’re missing out.

To find out how I can help you set up your business’ Facebook Page, start a Facebook ad campaign and more, please visit my services page or contact me today for a free 20 minute consultation.